Natasha - 2009-12-26 11:19:47

Société et Marque #1:
L'Oeuf Création, production et design de plusieurs marques;
-Ça peut Chémar
-Queen Wade
- KILL Wearicone

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Commentaire de ruiSAElGCLf9 le 2013-07-25 16:38:42 :

My dream is to fly jets and you have been such an inspiration to me Natasha, I just waish you would write more often you are my hero.How many hours a month do you aagrvee flying? What aircraft do you currently fly? What is the range? Cruise speed? Where is your favorite destination?What is your most favorite airplane? Do you ever fly for fun? Do you own a small prop plane?Your such a cutie, thanks so much for writing on this blog, come back more often Natasha.We like you.Bonnie B. Jonesboro, Ga